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Diary update

 Its been a mild winder, no snow, no heavy frost, only a few medium frosts. Lots more rain than last year.

The frogs have started their froggy concerts in the last day or two.

Spring is approaching.


Allergies wave 3ish

Well, queen anne's lace season started about 2 weeks ago., but it is not as bad as previous years. I've cut down my allegra meds from 2 to 1 pill a day.
So that is good allergy news for once.


2nd wave of allergies

Allergen update:
  • Cottonwood almost done, thank goodness. 
  • Other things are blooming and my nose is running like a hose and my skin itches. Amazing I have any brains left after sneezing so much.
  • I wish B's coast place was done, i'd go there for a week.


More beer!

L started another batch of beer:  Scottish Ale (Mactarnahan's Clone)
Its bubbling quite nicely and smells good. We'll see how it tastes in 6 weeks.

The recipe.


New garden beds

We decided to move the garden beds to near where the blueberries were.
We are doing this because:
  • closer to water
  • closer to house
  • re-design so I can use the large mower to mow the area
 So this means I get to:
  • get new beds made
  • fill new beds with garden soil
  • make a lattice for one of the beds
  • make a gateway
  • setup fence
  • remove old fence
  • remove old fence posts
  • remove old beds

I've got the new beds made and filled and the fence posts in, time to work on the fence.



I was out digging today and noticed fluff wafting thru the air..
Cottonwood season is upon us!! Run! Get your masks and allergy pills!!!


New wine kit started: Stags Leap Merlot

L and & I picked up a wine kit, a Stags Leap Merlot, includes grape skins. We started it 5/13/2020, should be ready by Yule..

The kit.


New chicks and a roo

Picked up 4 assorted chicks last night and a 4 moth old americana rooster last night from a FB community buy/sell site.
We snuck the chicks under the sitting hens at 2200 last night and put the rooster into the coop in the cat cage with the door open. He's up and exploring today, his crow is small and squeaky, its funny to hear it.


Allergies starting

Well, my nose has been getting more and more congested, today it started running. Allergy season is here.. Damn.



So the local wildlife have been busy, we are down to 5 chickens, though I think there might be one that is roosting accross the street in the trees. I count 6 chickens every so often.

Allergies are starting back up, ugh. I hate this time of year.

Cleared out the bee yard, might see if I can get a nuk hive from that lady in Roy, WA.

All at home due to Covid-19.

That is all.


The frogs have started...

So the frogs have started in with their croaking. Seems early this year.. Winter is over, Spring is approaching.


Current chicken count ... 10

So I counted the chickens yesterday, we are missing Steve and a chick and one of the teenagers... Someone has been busy.. Time to take it up with the local raccoon population..

I installed an automated chicken door yesterday made by RentACoop. We'll see how it works.


Chicken update

Well, some sad news this week.
One of the chicks disappeared a few days ago. They are about cornish game hen size and something grabbed one..

A raccoon attacked and severely injured the rooster last Monday night. He has been going downhill since then, stopped eating/drinking 2 days ago and was laying under the coop all night last night. I just went out and put him down, he was suffering so much and barely alive.
Good bye Steve the rooster!


More chickens

The 6 chicks survived to their teens and should be laying eggs soon.
And then Momma Moran hatched out 3 more chicks, which are about 6" tall now.
I'm gonna need a larger coop.