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Weekend chores/projects

It was a busy weekend and a troublesome one also.
First off, L was stung 4 times Saturday by yellow jackets. I am now at war with them. The 3 traps I've setup have killed dozens, I may put out more since that is a safer way to kill them, sprays can hurt the bees. L is doing ok. but the stings are to the incessant itching stage.

But things that went well:
  • L and Q helped me clean out the left hand side of the pump-house, from there I swept it (lots of mouse poop), then put up 1.5" rigid foam insulation. Over that I put up what drywall I have. Once I get the rest drywalled I'll be putting up shelves for storing canned products and alcohol.
  • L and I started another batch of beer Saturday night.  See this post, we did the same kit/extract combination.
  • I bought more food from Patriot Farm and Feed. They also gave me 20 lbs of raw barley oats to try as fodder. The store bought seeds are not doing well. About half of the mung bean sprouted, and 1/3 of the wheat, but the rest did not sprout and it was given to the chickens. The chickens ate some of it, they did not like the mung bean sprouts much. I'e started a new batch of the PF&F barley.
  • I added a new box to the 'clueless' hive. The queen has been releases, but the #"s are dwindling since eggs are not hatching yet. I need to time-line this so I can see when to expect a new batch of bees to come out. I did not check for eggs/brood since the damn yellow jacket were so bad. NOTE to self: Do not give extracted frames back to the bees anywhere near the hives. The damn yellow jackets take over and are royal pains.
  • We have some chicken pecking going on. Once of the older Delewares is showing signs of being pecked at. I need to clean out the coop, put down some DE, and see if I can isolate the one doing the pecking. I dont see this happening, so I'm not sure who it is yet.

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