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Greenhouse is setup!

For L's bday we got a greenhouse and set it up. It's a 6x8 greenhouse from Harbor Freight with some additional bracing/screws put in to keep the panels from flying out (and to keep it from flying away as we saw with the ShelterLogic portable garage that flew way in the wind on last Saturday).


Hive check, 1 down

Check the hives the other day.

The swarm hive survived, small but survived. It has insulation on 3 sides and inside the top cover. 1 medium for bees, 1 medium with 3 frames on each side and a sugar block on top of the frames.

The Calif package died, looks like they starved. I had 3 mediums with a spacer and sugar block on top.  The sugar block was hardly eaten, it was probably too far away from the ball of bees. It had insulation on 4 sides and the cover.

I will not order any more California packages, they cannot survive the winters here.

Damn it.

Creek repair Mar 2017

The creek was washing out the the neighbors driveway again and flooding the 2nd neighbors field. And washing over the road. So the county had the excavator come out and re-direct the creek again. Now it's nearly back where the odl bed used to be.

Some pics:


One less rooster

Well, roosters 2 and 3 have been having epic battles the last few days... #2 was being a real ass, chasing everyone, picking fights with #3 constantly. But he knew better than to come after me. He did not know that about L. He went after her, so she grabbed him and broke his neck. Now's he is in the freezer. Lesson learned, don't mess with creatures bigger...


Diary: well info

Some info on my well:
  • 3/4 HP submersible pump
  • 42 gallon galvanized settling tank
    • with hydro-charger (oxigenator) (water Right)
    • with air volume control valve (BIF)
  • 81 gallon pressure tank
  • 2 cu ft iron filter
    • with multi-blend iron media
  • 1cu ft water softener
And in the house:
  •  GE SmartWater filtration system
    • uses GE FXULC drinking water system replacement filter

Interesting site: http://www.problemwater.com/if_cfpump.html


New trees going in

We just bought these trees
  • Black beauty mulberry bush
  • Braeburn semi dwarf apple - bare root
  • Liberty semi dwarf apple - bare root
  • Italian semi dwarf plum- bare root
  • Izu persimmon 
From Tsugawa Nursery in Woodland, Wa. Luckily they have a 1 yr guarantee, I'll need it, my green thumb is not very green.


Temp flood

Yesterday we had temp flood. Seems a debris damn plugged the creek for a few hrs, causing water to spill over the bank at W's place. The water came straight down to the house, it was not there @ 530am, but at 7am it was coming down. L  scrambled to put up a temp wall to redirect the water away while I tried to find sand/gravel to fill the remaining sandbags we had.  The 3rd place was open and had 5/8's gravel. By the time we got the wall done, the water flow was nearly gone. The debris had broken up and gone down the creek to C's place and plugged his culverts and his driveway was flooded again.
I need to go talk with C to see how did the backhoe work last year, I want to put a French drain all the way from the large shed to the drainage ditch that goes along the road.


Power issues

Sunday night (2/5/17) we lost power due to strong storm that came thru the area. Power went out about midnight Sunday night and came back on Monday around 8pm.
I used my 800w inverted attached to the truck to power the internet hardware so I could work and Q could do his school work. L cooked outside on the propane camping stove. She put oil lamps all over the house and closed the windows to keep the heat in. Worked quite well.

I eventually got the generator working and ran that for 2 hrs so I could cool off the fridge. The freezer was still quite frozen.

We helped jump start my neighbours RV and moved him to it so he could stay the night in his RV since he's in a wheelchair and needed heat/lights.

Then the power came back on and we had to un-do everything.



So we are getting eggs from the younger chickens again. Seems they went thru a molt and are now laying 1-2 eggs a day. It's snowing and I'm collecting eggs.


1st snow

Well, I woke up, looked outside at 7:15, no snow. Went to check email, came back out at 7:30, 1/2" of snow on the ground.

It's not been frosty so I dont think the snow will last long.


Another batch of beer started

Started a batch of Mangrove Jack's M20 Bavarian Wheat Beer.

I'm looking forward to drinking it in a month!


Diary: First Frost

Got up today, the lawn was frosted, outside deck thermometer said 32F. Cold times are coming.

Broody hen update

Well, the broody hen sat there for weeks, but  the other chickens stole her eggs and they were stolen back/etc. Who knows what happened to them. I'll need to put up a barrier so if she goes broody again there is less chance of egg theft.

The weather has cooled and she's no longer broody.


Looks like we have a broody hen

One of the marans has been sitting on eggs for the last 3 days, hissing and puffing up when I get near her. Good! I was considering getting more chicks for broilers, if she raises them, that's better.


Diary: Leaves have been falling on smaller trees for a month now

The smaller trees are loosing their leaves and the larger trees have their leaves turning.


Diary: flowers

The dandelions are going to seed but the queen anne's lace is still going strong. The queen anne's lace started to bloom the end of July.