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Lawn mower purgatory

So I am in lawn mower purgatory.
I have 4 mowers, here is their status:
-Weed-eater push gas mower: having issues keeping running, hard to start, runs rough, dies often
-Murray riding mower: mowing deck supports rusted so it scalps the lawn. i removed the mower deck and use as a lawn tractor with the dumping trailer i bought.
-Ariens riding mower: lots of problems with broken spindle and blades. recently I’ve replaced:
    -entire spindle
    -spindle inside
    -blades twice
    -drive belt (belt became wedged between a pulley and the axle and I could not remove it so had to cut it and pull it out).
    -mower belt (ran over a tomato cage which wrapped itself around the blades and ended up burning the belt down)
-Craftsman mower: state mostly unknown, need to get it working, now a bed for a litter of kittens. Yes kittens. 4 kittens that look like a white/black cat we see wandering around the area. Their eyes are still closed, only about 4" long. I'm going to keep an eye on them and see how they do.

i just purchased an electric mower to replace the weed-eater mower and a Cub Cadet wheeled line trimmer to act like a brush-hog so I can cut back the blackberries/grass as it grows.


Day 58, all salmon released!

So I helped out the rest of the salmon still in the buckets escape to the wild today. I did noticed a lot of dead eggs at the bottom of one bucket, I'll have to see if I can improve the design to prevent the eggs falling thru the mesh and bunching up and rotting.

I'm looking forward to next year...


Day 55! 20 TUs left!

Day 55! 20 TUs left! I took a light out yesterday and could see lots and lots of little 1" fish moving at the bottom. The instructions say that once the TU's are met, they will swim out when the water temp is over 45, it's 47-48, so they should be swimming out soon. I had to create a small damn in the creek to focus the water to go into the pipes.. Woohoo!


Salmon Egg update

Day 44, TU's counted: 1137. TU's left to go: 163
I can still see them swimming a little in the rocks. Getting close to the end. The weather is warming so that should speed things up.


2017 blackberries

Just a reminder to myself, the blackberries did not produce many berries in 2017.


Snow??? say what?

So woke up this am and there was a light layer of snow outside. It's melting fast, but it snowed. Really weird weather happening this year.


The salmon 'alvins' are hiding in the rocks

Day 21, TU 493:
Just checked the salmon, they are hiding in among the rocks at the bottom of the buckets. It's hard to get a photo, I had to get a focused flash light to be able to see them. Water temp has dropped to 40F due to the frost we have had the last 4 days. Stream water level has dropped 6" plus since the high point when we had rain.

Frost? Again?

Last Sat (2/10/2018), I woke to frost, since then, we've had frost in the mornings.


All the eggs are hatched!

All the eggs are hatched and I removed the egg baskets from the buckets. I'll see if I can get some pics of the new salmon spawn.

TU is 889, 411 left to go to swimming away.


99% of the eggs are hatched!

99% of the eggs are hatched, only a dozen or two to go. I expect they might be dead ones that have not turned white yet.

The TU count is at 831 as of this morning. At ~1300 they should be swimming away.


Time to feed the bees

I crushed/strained the honey frames that I pulled from the swarm hive.
I just added pollen patties to the hives, 1 to each.
The mouse moved back into the swarm hive, I need to get a mouse stopper.


Spring is on the way!

The frogs are croaking....


Lots hatched!

I guestimate that 2/3rd of the eggs are hatched. I moved the buckets back into the middle of the creek so they have a nice landing when they swim out.

Some pics:


Irish Red Ale started

L and I (mostly L, I was the cleaner), started a batch of Irish Red Ale using a recipe from Bader Brewing.
Their kit/recipe at Irish Red Ale.
Now we need to wait! Argh!

Day 11 - a lot more hatched!

Just checked the eggs, a lot more have hatched!
The temp of the water is 50F now. TU count is at 763.

The darker red spots are the salmon.


Salmon eggs Day 9

Day 9. 730 TUs logged, I see more empty egg cases floating around. And a few fry halfway out. I assume the rest have swum below the egg holder.