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6 new chicks!

The other Maran and an older Americauna have hatched out 6 chicks. 4 Marans and 2 Americanaus. Woohoo!


Another broody hen

So, Puffball is about 7" tall and growing. Looks like it's a hen.

And now the other maran hen is broody. Woohoo!


Allergies... wave 2

Allergies kicking back up. L says the Queen Annes Lace is blooming.. ugh..
Meds to the rescue!


The hive swarmed

Well, L caught the hive swarming so I went out and caught it, 4 times... It was about 15' up an apple tree, so I had to stand on the top of 6' the ladder to get to it. I was trying to put them into a waxed cardboard nuk.
And the swarm went back to the tree.
So I got a bucket, shook the bees into the bucket and put them into the nuk.
And they went back to the tree.
So I tried again, climbing to the very top to try to pull the =m down.
And they went back.
So I got L to hold the ladder while I sawed off the branch they were on and then shook them into a medium hive body/bottom with the sugar feeder on top. That worked. They stayed in the medium.
I'll leave them there for a week then move the hive to the hive compound.

I added a medium last weekend, moved a few frames to the new box, I looked for queen cells, but did not see any in the lower boxes. Guess I should have pulled all the frames out. I should have split it then. oh well. At least I caught them.


New beer kit provider

Just found these guys beer kits on amazon, gotta try some.

Another batch of Mangrove Jack's M20 Bavarian Wheat Beer

We like this kit, it does a decent tasting beer for a decent cost. It is a 6 gallon batch so it makes quite a few bottles. I forget how many, I'll add a comment once we bottle in 10 days.


Broody hen update - 1 chick!

I saw a chick last night! It was hanging out with the broody hen in the coop, I put out some food and water for it, hopefully it survived the night. I’ll check later today.


Allergy update

As the grass has stooped pollinating and gone to seed (and dried out), my allergies have gone back down to normal.
I've been taking:
  • 2x allegra
  • 1x flonase in the am. flonanse used to make my nose bleed, but it seems I can handle 1 squirt a day now w/o any adverse affects. good.
  • generic pink antihistamines when i get a face full of pollen
L bought me a pair of light weight summer hiking shirts I've been wearing since if I let a grass head with pollen on it hit my arm, my arm gets a red mark where it hit, like a whip lash and it itches!!

At least it's better now. whew..



Q (my oldest son) has had a momentous year so far:
  • turned 18
  • has his drivers license
  • graduating from HS
  • should have his 1st job soon
A big congrats to him.


Assorted notes

Some assorted updates:

  • The broody moran is trying it again. She got so close. We'll see if she can pull it off now. 
  • We are not going to not replace hens as they pass on since right now L cannot eat the eggs. I'll get new feed and see if that helps with L's egg problem.
  • Allergies have started up hard. Cottonwood is fuzzing out.
  • Fleas have risen in population, I setup the flea lights to trap and starve the little suckers.
  • Bees:
    • Ed's hive: added 3rd and 4th box, queen excluder between 3&4. He has: 1 deep, 2 mediums, exclude, 1 medium.
    • Our hive: added 3rd medium, need to deal with the damn ants that are putting eggs under the covers.
  • Looks like all the trees/bushes we bought are budding. The mulberry bush was the latest, we thought it was dead, but it finally started.


Lost a hen

Just went out side, noticed that one of the Deleware hens lying there dead behind the coop. She's not been attacked, was not there this am as far as I remember, not sure what happened to her.


Greenhouse is setup!

For L's bday we got a greenhouse and set it up. It's a 6x8 greenhouse from Harbor Freight with some additional bracing/screws put in to keep the panels from flying out (and to keep it from flying away as we saw with the ShelterLogic portable garage that flew way in the wind on last Saturday).


Hive check, 1 down

Check the hives the other day.

The swarm hive survived, small but survived. It has insulation on 3 sides and inside the top cover. 1 medium for bees, 1 medium with 3 frames on each side and a sugar block on top of the frames.

The Calif package died, looks like they starved. I had 3 mediums with a spacer and sugar block on top.  The sugar block was hardly eaten, it was probably too far away from the ball of bees. It had insulation on 4 sides and the cover.

I will not order any more California packages, they cannot survive the winters here.

Damn it.

Creek repair Mar 2017

The creek was washing out the the neighbors driveway again and flooding the 2nd neighbors field. And washing over the road. So the county had the excavator come out and re-direct the creek again. Now it's nearly back where the old bed used to be.

Some pics:


One less rooster

Well, roosters 2 and 3 have been having epic battles the last few days... #2 was being a real ass, chasing everyone, picking fights with #3 constantly. But he knew better than to come after me. He did not know that about L. He went after her, so she grabbed him and broke his neck. Now's he is in the freezer. Lesson learned, don't mess with creatures bigger...


Diary: well info

Some info on my well:
  • 3/4 HP submersible pump
  • 42 gallon galvanized settling tank
    • with hydro-charger (oxigenator) (water Right)
    • with air volume control valve (BIF)
  • 81 gallon pressure tank
  • 2 cu ft iron filter
    • with multi-blend iron media
  • 1cu ft water softener
And in the house:
  •  GE SmartWater filtration system
    • uses GE FXULC drinking water system replacement filter

Interesting site: http://www.problemwater.com/if_cfpump.html