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New queen

Well, the 3rd hive did not create a queen from the frame of brood I put into the hive. So Sunday I drove over to Ray, WA and picked up a virgin queen from Miller Compound HoneyBees and Agriculture. The cost was $20, not a bad deal. We'll see how she does. I expect good things since the queen was raised here.

Original Craigslist post:
More information on my Facebook Agricultural page:


I have some fat juicy queens ready out in the yard, including a second generation USDA based Pol-Line/Carniolan cross that has produced some very nice looking and prolific queens.

These queens would be an excellent choice if you are planning to break up larger production hives into late summer nucs for over wintering, or requeening hives with an older or below average performing queen.

Before you blame your old queen though, make sure it is not a mite issue that is effecting your colonies performance.

My interest in bees is science based, with research and development being foremost. My focus is to rear the healthiest and hardiest queens for our Northern Washington climate.

I graft from generations of over wintered Northern survivor stock, originating from VSH Carniolan II queens from Glenn Apiaries (Glenn line) and collected wild stock from the wilderness areas near Mt. Rainier (Mountain Line).

My focus is producing a more sustainable line of superior genetics that is not dependant on antibiotics for disease resistance or vigor, with a more natural, bred in predisposition for controlling Mites.

-I am not migratory.
-My hives are never exposed to commercial crops or the pollination industry.
-I do NOT treat with antibiotics. No Fumagillin.
-I try to use mostly natural methods to control Mites, including VSH genetics, brood breaks and simulated swarms, with occasional use of state approved Apivar or Hop Guard, if I feel it is necessary to reduce mites within the colony and I do not have enough time left in the season for my preferred natural methods.

My breeding stock is managed to have the best balance of both VSH & non VSH genetics available for best percentage for both Mite control AND performance.

2015 queen prices:

-Production queens -$40.00 ea
-Current Year Breeder Select $75.00
-Over wintered Breeder queens $125.00
-Virgin queens $20.00 ea
-Capped candled queen cells $10.00 ea. (No shipping on cells)

All Mated queens are Marked unless otherwise requested.

Breeder queens are disk marked.
Production queens are marked with paint or can be disk marked for an additional $10.00 ea.

(Info on the Glenn line of genetics)


Out of State, Mid-late summer shipping in warm temps require Express Priority which is usually overnight delivery.
Express Priority is $50.00 and includes a custom ventilated shipping box and insurance up to $200.
(Larger orders will require more insurance & will be billed at cost)

Queen honey bees are a time and temperature sensitive agricultural product. They can perish quickly if not handled correctly. There are NO guarantees.

Shipping is at the risk of purchaser. Due to USPS protocol, insurance claims will be handled by purchaser. You must pick up queens at your local post office and immediatly inspect the shipment for live delivery, with a Post Office employee as a witness to live/dead delivery.

Regular Priority is available for in state and close neighboring states. (If temps allow shipping) Charge is $18.00 which includes shipping, insurance for up to $200. and ventilated shipping container.

Queens will not be delivered to a home address.

Lauri Miller
29506 8th Ave South
Roy, Wa. 98580

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Miller Compound HoneyBees & Agriculture


I am directly across the street from the Pierce County Fire Department

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